See listings of Boat Rentals, Marinas, Boat Charters, Fishing Docks, Boat Ramps and Parks in Coastal Hernando County, Florida

Boating & Canoe Rentals:

Canoe Trail Info (352) 796-4343
Weeki Wachee Canoe Rental (picture)(352) 597-0360
Weeki Wachee Marina (352) 596-2852
Hernando Beach Marina (800) 783-5284
Nobleton Boat Rental (800) 783-5284
Withlacoochee River (South)(352) 754-6896
Sail Cruises(352) 596-2006
Gulf Coast Marina (352) 596-1212
Gulfstar Marina (352) 596-5079
Mary's Fish Camp (352) 596-2359
Snapper Marina (352) 596-2952 (picture)

Boat Charters / Guides:
Angling Adventures Guide Service of Hernando County,
Air Hawk II Charters (362) 796-0635
An Adventure in Paradise (352) 597-1476
Captain Frank Bourgeois Private Charters (352) 666-6234
Captain Brad Bradley (352) 597-4747
Captain Jim Bradley (Charter Fishing) (352) 596-5639
James Crompton's Charters (352) 796-0612
Light'n Deep Sea Fishing (352) 597-3900
M&M Guide Service (352) 583-3359
Hernando Beach Marina (352) 596-2952
West Central Florida Fishing (352) 597-9190
Wetsu Fun and Fishing Captain (352) 796-0512
B&B Marine Service (352) 686-0509
Honky Conch Charters (352) 596-4680
Thunder Party Boat (352) 597-3900

Boat Tours:
M/V Rustic Tours (352) 597-2622
Airboat Tours Capt. Ray Dupont (352) 597-0114

Boat Ramps:
Brochure and Information (352) 596-1406
Bayport U.S. 19 to S.R. 550
Hernando Beach U.S. 19 to S.R. 550 to C.R. 597Shoal Line Blvd., Hernando Beach
Hunter Lake S.R. 50 East to U.S. 41, North to 481
Jenkins Creek Shoal Line Blvd, Hernando Beach
Lake Lindsey
Mountain Lake
Weeki Wachee River(Rodgers Park), Shoal Line Blvd. Hernando Bch.
Silver Lake
Withlacoochee Nobleton

Fishing Docks:
Information (352) 754-4031
Bayport Park, Elderly / Handicap Fishing Facility
Jenkins Creek Park, Hernando Beach (picture)
Hernando Beach Park, Hernando beach

Rodgers Park
, Hewrnando Beach
Jenkins Creek Park, Hernando Beach (picture)
Hernando Beach Park, Hernando Beach
Pine Island, near Hernando Beach
Bayport Park, near Hernando Beach
Bud McKethan Park, off US 41
Delta Woods Park, Deltona Blvd., Spring Hill
Ernie Wever Youth Park, Shoal Line Blvd. Hernando Beach
Hernando Park, downtown Brooksville on Ft. Dade
Hernando Veterans Memorial Park, Spring Hill Drive, Spring Hill
Kennedy Park, Kennedy Blvd. Brooksville
Lake Townsend Regional Park- Withlacoochee Trail Access
Little Rock Cannery/Library, Citrus Way in Brooksville
Lonnie Colburn Park, Oliver Street of 41
J.Earl & Francis Miller Memorial Gardens
Nobleton Wayside Park
Pioneer Park
Ridge Manor Park
Chinsegut National Wildlife Refuge
Withlacoochee State Forest

Boating and Safety

It is recommended that all vessels obtain an equipment safety check at least once a year from either the Coast Guard Auxiliary, Florida Marine Patrol, or Hernando County Sheriff's Marine Unit. The minimum required safety equipment varies depending on the size of the vessel. All vessels should have one Coast Guard approved life jacket for each person on board (must be worn by those under 6 years of age), plus an approved throwable floating device, a sound producing device (horn, whistle, or bell), and an approved visual distress signal for nighttime use.


Emergencies should be reported to either the U.S. Coast Guard, Florida Marine Patrol, or Hernando County Sheriff's Marine Unit. When calling for help on your radio, the use of the term "Mayday" is reserved only for life threatening situations. Should you have a VHF Marine Radio, you can call for help on Channel 16, this channel is used for emergencies and as a calling channel. It is not to be used for conversing. As a pleasure boater, you can use channels 14, 20, 68, 69, 71, 72, 73, 74, & 78 for ship to ship conversations.

Operation of Vessel

The rules governing the operation of a vessel are governed by the U.S. Coast Guard, and are known as COLREGS. All vessels are required to comply with these rules.


Responsibility For Wake

Vessel operators are responsible for damage to any other vessel, dock, property, or injury caused by their vessel's wake.

Overtaking Another Vessel

If you pass a boat from behind, you are overtaking and bear the responsibility for making a safe pass. The vessel you are overtaking has the right of way.

Passing Another Vessel

When two boats are approaching each other in a head on, or nearly head on situation, each vessel is to alter their course to starboard.

Sailing Vessels

Only when under sail, do sailing vessels have right of way over power vessels.


It is a Federal Offense to tie off to any aid to navigation or anchor at the entrance or termination of the channel

Important Phone Numbers

U.S. Coast Guard
(352) 447-6900 Florida Marine Patrol
(800) DIAL-FMP

Hernando County Sheriff
(352) 754-6850 Fish & Wildlife Commission
(352) 754-6720

Parks & Recreation Department
(352) 754-4027